Our promise is to lead a business with social responsibility. We do not work merely for accumulating profit but also committed to divide the profit/benefit to our shareholders in a proportional rate. We are committed to bring a qualitative change in the economic and socio-cultural arena of our country as well as in every individual’s life.

Board of Directors

Md. Shakawat Hossain, Chairman

A second-generation businessman adhering to responsibilities of the family business (1944) after completion of university education in 1987 and expanded the business units to 8 in different avenues through effective vision and leadership.

Well-established family-based entrepreneur with diversified businesses possess the proven capability of handling Agro business besides education and other avenues.

Md Jahedul Bari, Managing DirectorElder brother of Mr Md Shakawat Hossain, completed his graduation in Agricultural Science and started marketing career in Novartis, a multinational company. He joined the group and became a successful business organizer.


Mrs. Ayesha Hossain Shahnila, Director

A university graduate and the former Principal of Oxford International School who was involved in the operation of the school since its inception and played key role in development and expansion of the school and other businesses. She is the wife of Mr Md Shakawat Hossain.

Mrs. Zohra Begum, Director

Mother of the Chairman and is a source of inspiration, coordination, and dynamism to the businesses of the group.

Md Fazlul Bari, Director

Brother of Mr Md Shakawat Hossain, joined in business after completion of his school education. He has shown strong entrepreneurial ability, dynamism and leadership.

Mr. Shah Md Abu Hannan, DirectorBrother-in-law of Mr Md Shakawat Hossain, a university graduate, has been engaged in business for the last 20 years with specialization in transport business.


Mrs. Kaniz Fatima, DirectorSister of Mr Md Shakawat Hossain and wife of Mr Shah Md Abu Hannan, is a homemaker. She is involved in various social, cultural and educational organizations.